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Latex Rubber Tubing For Exercising

  • Force Table - How to compare exercise tubes:

    When using latex rubber tubing (surgical tubing) for exercising, you calculate the amount of resistance by how much force is required to stretch a piece of tubing a given length. The force is measured by PSI (pounds per square inch). The length is measured in terms of the percentage a piece of tubing is stretched from its resting length. Thus if you have a 1 foot piece of tubing and stretch it to 2 feet you have stretched that tubing 100%. Once you know the size of the tubing, you can calculate the force required to stretch it.


The table below lists the approximate force to stretch each size of tubing we offer. We show the calculated force required to stretch that tubing 50%, 100%, 150% and 200% from its resting length. Where the force required to stretch a piece of our tubing is relatively close to one of the leading manufacturers' exercise tube, we show the color they use for that comparable tube, as well as their assessments for resistance level and workout level.



  • We cannot perfectly equate a piece of our tubing to that of the other manufacturer because the inside diameter and wall thickness of the two tubes are different. When we state our tubing is comparable to theirs, the force required to stretch a piece of our tubing is equal to or exceeds the force required to stretch a piece of their tubing at 200% elongation.

  • Tubing should not be stretched more than 200% from its resting length. Doing so can result in injury to the individual.

  • As with any exercise program, check with your physician before you begin.

  • This product can cause damage to an individual if not properly used. Please consult with a healthcare professional to determine which exercises are right for you and the proper way in which they should be performed.

  • Each time, before you begin your exercise routine, inspect your exercise bands for wear and nicks or other damage. Do not use if the tubing is damaged.

  • The numbers in the above table are approximations based on the testing done by the manufacturer. We take their measurements at 100% and 300% modulus and extrapolate them to the other elongations as best we can. Although not 100% precise they are a good basis for comparison.

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